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Aran Insulation Ltd pride themselves on supporting both businesses and residents to reduce carbon emissions and save money. With over 15 years of management experience and branches covering the UK, Aran Insulation have enabled thousands of properties to become more energy efficient by offering an array of insulation services.

Why did Aran Insulation become Members of The IAA?

Aran Insulation decided to work with The IAA to back customers with a robust guarantee that covers CWI, EWI, IWI, PWI, Room in Roof and Loft Insulation.

“The variety of guarantees that The IAA provide supports us in offering our customers a range of options. We provide a lot of support with ECO and grant work and The IAA guarantees, especially the New Build, encourages our customers to select us as their installer.” - Mark Randall – Managing Director

What is the biggest benefit of your IAA membership?

Mark explains - “There are three key benefits of us being a Member of The IAA.
  • Firstly their ‘pay as you go’ system - We offer a wide range of insulation guarantees and this really provides us with the flexibility we need.
  • Secondly their platform - Everything is all together under one platform which is simple to use.
  • Lastly PAS 2030 & 2035 - The IAA provide up to date information and guidance.”

How did you find your on-boarding experience?

“Throughout the whole on-boarding experience we had a great level of highly responsive support and help. The process happened quickly and efficiently, and the IAA team were always there to answer any queries.”

Aran Insulations opinion on Carbon Net Zero 2050

“Aran Insulation supports Net Zero 2050 and the Governments intention to bring this forward to 2035, but the industry needs Government to provide clarity on policy and implementation. Aran Insulation is delighted to be associated with The IAA and actively support their continued engagement with Government in trying to ensure Policy is deliverable by the industry. Everyone needs to get Net Zero right if we are to deliver the benefits desperately needed for the environment, health, the economy and well-being of our citizens.”

The IAA supports Net Zero 2050 and is committed to voice the opinion of industry, members and homeowners.

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Are you interested in becoming a Member of The IAA?

As an industry authority The IAA provides Members with a vast range of benefits covering technical guidance, certification and support through our quality assured framework. For more information about our framework visit 'Your Membership'.

To apply to become a Member in just 12 working days follow our 'How to apply' page or alternatively apply online. If you do have any questions please email or call 03333 239045.