Homeowner Advice about the Green Homes Grant

The Greens Homes Grant (GHG) Scheme is being launched in September 2020 by the UK Government, specifically launched by the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

How The IAA are supporting the Green Homes Grant?
The IAA work with a variety of selected Member Installers who cover the whole of the UK. Our Installer are back by The IAAs robust guarantees and those Installers who are TrustMark registered, can install home improvement measures under the Green Homes Grant. TrustMark is a ‘Government Endorsed Quality Scheme’ so these Installers can carry out your installations, covering the below primary measures: To select your local Member Installer, please visit our Installer List.  Please note all work will need to be completed by 31st March 2022.

Download your homeowner infographic, we have created an infographics to support homeowners apply for the Green Homes Grant. 

How can a homeowner apply for the Green Homes Grant?

Anyone who is a homeowner can apply for the Green Homes Grant. The below video provides information on how you, as a homeowner, can apply for the Green Homes Grant and get backed by an IAA robust guarantee.​ You can find your local Installer here.

Why has the Green Homes Grant been launched?
The aims of the scheme are to encourage homeowners to improve their properties as well as boosting the job market, from the current and aftereffects of COVID-19.
With the £2bn of funding allocated from the UK Government, there has been £1.5bn distributed to homeowners and £500m to Local Authorities.
Example of what you are entitled to:
If you are NOT on income support:
  • You can receive 2/3 of the total costs capped at £5,000
  • For example, your total costs are £9,000 the grant will cover you for £5,000
If you are on income support:
  • On income support you can receive up to £10,000
  • For example, if your total costs are £8,000 the grant will cover you for £8,000