Evolve Home Energy Solutions Ltd


With 50 years of combined experience, Paul Simpson and Gary Randle founded Evolve Home Energy Solutions Ltd in 2015. Evolve wanted to bring a new approach to energy efficiency based on quality, customer service and innovation. In 5 years, the company has grown from 2 to over 40 full time employees.
Evolve specialise in inspection and insulation services for both the domestic and commercial markets and have grown their service offering to include heating/renewables and property maintenance.
They set themselves exceptionally high standards and therefore wanted to work with CIGA/ The IAA to provide guarantees covering Party Wall, Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation.

Their experience with CIGA/ The IAA

“We have worked with CIGA/ The IAA for many years now, the reason we have worked with them for so long is due to their technical support and industry expertise, which can always be relied upon when required.” -  Gary Randle

Why are you a member of CIGA/ The IAA?

“We have maintained our membership for so long because they offer the best technical support in the industry.”

“They are creating a one stop shop in a very complex industry, especially with the introduction of Retrofit PAS 2030-19.”

How have CIGA/ The IAA supported you to gain more business?

Gary explains “due to our long-term relationship with CIGA/ The IAA, we have built a great working partnership. This partnership has been recognised and Evolve have become a framework representative.”

Membership top 3 benefits: 

“There are many benefits of our membership with CIGA/The IAA but the top 3 are:
  • Personable and approachable at all times for support
  • Technically none better
  • One stop shop for all the support needed in a complex industry.” 

Gary Randle | info@evolvehes.co.uk | 08002 922554


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