Installer Advice about the Green Homes Grant

Why has the GHG been launched?

With the launch 30th September 2020 the aims of this scheme are to encourage homeowners to improve their properties as well as boosting the job market, from the current and aftereffects of COVID-19. Therefore, with the £2bn of funding allocated from the UK Government, there has been £1.5bn distributed to homeowners and £500m to Local Authorities.

We have created two infographics to support homeowners apply for the Green Homes Grant and prepare Installers on how they can become Green Homes Grant ready. 

Download the Members infographic | Download the homeowner infographic 

How can an Installer become Green Homes Grant ready?

The below video provides information on how you as an Installer can support the Green Homes Grant, how you can support homeowners and become a Member of The IAA in just 12 working days.

How can you become a Member?

If you would like to become a Member of The IAA, please apply here.

As a Member of The IAA here are some of the benefits you will receive:
  • More business for you
  • PAS 2030-19 certified for PAS 2030-17 lodgements
  • TrustMark registration
  • Robust guarantee for the measure installed
  • Policy guidance
Click for more information on PAS 2030 and information about TrustMark registration.

If you are a homeowner, please visit our Homeowner Advice page.