Internal Wall Insulation

What is Internal Wall Insulation?
Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) is a type of solid wall insulation whereby a layer of thermal insulating material is fixated on an internal wall. More heat is retained within the room itself, the goal of IWI is to support heat loss and therefore reduce your energy bills.
Can IWI be installed in conjunction with External Wall Insulation (EWI)?
Yes – IWI and EWI together is known as Hybrid. This is where both types of solid wall insulation are installed within your property.
The benefits of IWI:
  • A great alternative if you do not want to change the exterior of the property
  • You can pick which room you would like to insulate
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Reduces your energy bills 

Is IWI cost effective?
Installing IWI, you can save up to £145-800 per year on your energy bills. With the recent launch of the Green Homes Grant, IWI is listed as a primary measure. If you are ‘able to pay’, this grant will cover you for two thirds of your home improvements costs, capped at £5,000.
Can you receive IWI for free?
With the launch of the Green Homes Grant, if you live in England and are on income support you can apply for 100% of a grant, capped at £10,000. Look at our Installer List for more information.
How do you apply for IWI?
When you decide to Internal Wall Insulation into your property, ensure this is being completed by a trusted and regulated installer. Pick an Installer near you from The IAAs Installer List to ensure your property is covered by a 25 year guarantee Selecting an IAA Installer, you have the peace of mind knowing your installation is carried out by a regulated installer to the highest possible standard.