LAD Support

As the leading technical authority for building fabric energy efficiency measures The IAA provide our member installers with a quality assurance framework, PAS certification, TrustMark certification, customer guarantees, provide a range of up-to-date technical notes and PAS 2030 certification updates to support the installation of all insulation measures.
We continuously develop ways to leverage the benefits of our insulation measures to homeowners and look to improve understanding of how energy efficiency can help tackle climate change.
Download your ‘LAD Support’ booklet for more information covering:
  • About The IAA
  • Increased standards
  • Reduced risk
  • What’s changed?

Why work with The IAA?
Low-income households
The IAA aim to support a green recovery and the economic impacts of COVID-19 to help low-income households tackle fuel poverty. Many of our members are advocates of Government grants and share the goal to increase homeowners EPC rating to a band C by 2030.
With the launch of the Green Homes Grant, The IAA actively created homeowner explainer videos, infographics and provided information on our website to help improve consumer awareness of available grants and The IAA approach to quality assurance.
PAS Standards
All of our members operate to a PAS 2030:19 standard, this standard in particular focuses on developing skills in the form of vocational qualifications such as the NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 in Insulation and Building Treatments as well as retrofit through the ‘whole house approach’.
Technical knowledge
Our member installers have access to up-to-date technical information including technical notes and Best Practice Guides. This information sets an benchmark of what we expect from our members to ensure installations are carried out to a high standard, we meet the requirements of the PAS for whole house retrofit by working with only the best and using only the best and most appropriate systems.
Championing net zero 2050
We continue to invest in our service offering including seminars, workshop and in-house facilities to align with changes of certification and regulations, optimising opportunities to support net zero 2050.
We are actively increasing the awareness of homeowners of the different energy efficient insulation measures that can be installed and their benefits, in promoting the different grants available such as ECO4, Home Upgrade Grant, Local Authority Delivery fund, Private Rental Sector Consultation and the non-domestic building energy efficiency.
Our aims is to highlight the importance of Fabric First Energy Efficiency Measures in both the retrofit and new build environments, as a key enabler for the delivery of future smart home technology such as zero carbon heating, battery storage and energy monitoring, leading the way in linking building fabric insulation to the achievement of net zero 2050.
Our affiliates
We continuously communicate with Central Government and the devolved administrations on energy efficiency policy and importantly the creation of jobs as we strive to achieve net zero 2050. The IAA have a vested interest to support the recovery of the economy post COVID-19 and deliver a legacy that impacts positively on the comfort and reduced fuel costs for all homeowners. With the experience and learnings from the issue of over 6.2 million guarantees through The IAA and our parent company CIGA, we are well placed to understand the benefits of a well insulated homes.
Through our membership of organisations such as the Association of Distributed Energy and the Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group we seek to influence Government Policy for the benefit of consumers and the industry, continuing the focus on quality assured fabric first measures and promoting The IAA approach as the quality assured pathway to compliance.


The IAA recognise the benefits to members, homeowners and funders of adhering to TrustMark standards and as Certified Scheme Providers we actively encourage our members to become TrustMark accredited with us so much so over two thirds of our members are. Our website hosts more information about TrustMark accreditation and The IAA best practice. 

The IAA service
As The IAA continues to grow, so does our offerings. We continuously seek to drive quality ensuring we represent the very best in the industry and we are rightly proud of our ‘Right first time’ ethos.
Under one single platform our members have access to:
  • Technical notes and guides to raise the standards industry
  • Robust guarantees for homeowners for all measures (apart from Park Home)
  • Homeowner guidance
  • Retrofit Coordinator Service and updates with PAS 2035 standards
  • Continuous updates regarding PAS 2030 standards
  • ISA (Independent Surveillance Assessment) platform to ensure work is only carried out on properties which meet the pre insulation standards required
  • Access to training courses
  • Access to TrustMark accreditation
  • Weekly industry updates
  • Access to approved systems and appropriately qualified system designers 
On recognition of the unique approach taken by The IAA, installer members working to our own Best Practice and using an IAA approved system can reduce the inherent technical risk of the measure by one under Annex C of PAS 2035.

Download your ‘LAD Support’ booklet for more information.