New Members & Terminations

Members of The IAA

The IAA offer a comprehensive end to end service which provides for all installer surveillance and quality assurance needs and gives an unprecedented wrap around support for businesses.  All IAA members are subject to a thorough audit process to ensure that quality standards are met and to give confidence to homeowners that use our members for their home energy efficiency requirements. Regular audits are undertaken to ensure that these standards are maintained, if companies do not meet the criteria a process is carried out to investigate and rectify where applicable. Should any company continue to flout the requirements set out they will be terminated from membership. For updated information on companies that have been terminated please see here. 

Welcoming recent new members of The IAA

Caridon Eco Ltd (Installer) - IWI
Caridon Eco are members of The IAA for Internall Wall Insulation and are also TrustMark registered.

Ecot Marketing Ltd (Installer) - CWI/ UFI/LI
Ecot Marketing have a mission to help as many people access funding as possible, they set to work building EcoTMarketing into what it is today. They provide IAA guarantees for CWI, UFI and LI. Limited (Installer) - Park Homes (EWI/ UFI/LI)
With 25 years of property construction experience are members of The IAA for Park Homes covering external wall, under floor and loft insulation.

Sto Ltd (System Designer) - EWI
Covering the Midlands, Sto provide high quality renders and external wall insulation systems as well as acoustic projects. 

UK Heating Grants Ltd (Installer) - IWI/ RIRI/ UFI/ LI
UK Heating Grants Ltd cover the North West and North East and are covered for internal wall, room in roof, underfloor and loft insulation.

Knowle Engineering Ltd (Installer) - IWI/ UFI/ LI
Knowle Engineering are a TrustMark member and cover internal wall, underfloor and loft insulation across the Midlands, Anglia, North East, Wales and North West.

EZY-FIT Ltd (System Designer) - IWI/ RIRI
Our newest System Designer, EZY-FIT are based in the north east and provide internal wall and room in roof insulation.

West Yorkshire Gas Solutions Ltd (Installer) - CWI
West Yorkshire Gas Solutions provides an end to end solution for the improvement of energy efficiency in homes and businesses. Over the last 10 years we have advised and improved the efficiency of over 20,000 homes and businesses. Based nationwide except northern Ireland, West Yorkshire Gas Solutions install cavity wall insulation. 

All Seasons Interiors Ltd (Installer) - CWI
With over ten years of experience, All Seasons Interiors specialise in heating systems and insulation including cavity wall insulation and help eligible customers secure a Government ECO Grants. 

Haus Cube Ltd (Installer) - CWI/UFI/LI
TrustMark registered with The IAA, Haus Cube provide a range of efficient improvement solutions designed to make homes warmer and energy efficient. Haus Cube are based in the north west and provide Cavity, underfloor and loft insulation.

Terminations & Suspensions

As of 08/04/22 Permarock Products membership has been terminated as they are no longer an IAA approved System Designer 
As of 02/03/21 24 Eco Ltd have been suspended
​As of 20/12/21 Free Eco Funding's membership has been terminated due to breach to rules of certification.
As of 20/12/21 Installers UK's membership has been terminated due to breach to rules of certification.
As of 02/09/21 Alba Insulation's membership has been terminated due to significant concerns with compliance. 
As of 07/05/21 Carbon Rewind's membership has been terminated due to significant concers with compliance.
As of 17/03/21 Work Work's membership has been terminated due to significant concerns with compliance.