New Members & Terminations

Members of The IAA

The IAA offer a comprehensive end to end service which provides for all installer surveillance and quality assurance needs and gives an unprecedented wrap around support for businesses.  All IAA members are subject to a thorough audit process to ensure that quality standards are met and to give confidence to homeowners that use our members for their home energy efficiency requirements. Regular audits are undertaken to ensure that these standards are maintained, if companies do not meet the criteria a process is carried out to investigate and rectify where applicable. Should any company continue to flout the requirements set out they will be terminated from membership. For updated information on companies that have been terminated please see here. 

Welcoming recent new members of The IAA


Borthwick Heating Insulation UK Ltd (Installer) - CWI
Borthwick Heating Insulation UK have helped Hartlepool and North east based homes lose less, use less and generate more making homes more comfortable, helping reduce energy consumption and most importantly saving homeowners money.

Mould Growth Consultants Ltd (System Designer) - IWI
MGC offer a wide range of maintenance solutions and preventative measures for flats, houses, schools and other public sector buildings and structures. They have been established for 50 years and over the past five decades have built up a reputation for successfully solving difficult maintenance problems of black mould and mildew infecting walls and ceilings inside buildings.

Live Manage Facilitate Ltd (Installer) - CWI
With their Head office is based on The Wirral their friendly customer service team are on hand throughout the process from the initial point of contact right through to the installation of works. Their aftercare service is second to none and are always on hand to offer assistance once all works are completed.

24 Eco Ltd (Installer) - CWI
Based in Kent 24 Eco cover the south east and work with major property refurbishment works for Homeowners/tenants, improve properties EPC Rating and increase the value of a home as well as advocate reducing a properties carbon output to become more eco-friendly.


As of 02/09/21 Alba Insulation's membership has been terminated due to significant concerns with compliance. 
As of 17/03/21 Work Work's membership has been terminated due to significant concerns with compliance.