Retrofit Coordinator services available to members

The IAA will shortly be launching a pilot Retrofit co-ordinator service exclusively available to you our members. This service will enable you to carry out work efficiently and effectively giving you the confidence that the PAS 2035 requirements for all projects to have a competent Retrofit Coordinator is met so reducing your ECO compliance risk.

The Pilot service will offer:
  • Project Coordination and optionally Retrofit Assessment of the property by a fully Certified IAA Retrofit Coordinator.
  • No commitment to minimum work volumes and simple introductory pricing structure.
  • Service covered by Professional Indemnity insurance.
  • Includes lodgement of data in the TrustMark data warehouse and declaration of conformity to PAS 2035.
  • Covers path A & B projects including 2 or fewer measures.
  • In support of the IAA’s ‘Right first time’ ethos the service is available to CIGA members who are also Certified by CIGA and use the CIGA ISA platform where relevant.
  • An alternative to the cost of an in-house Retrofit Coordinator or a route to providing additional Retrofit Coordinator capacity without any commitment. 
We need to hear from you - Is this a service you would like to take advantage of in which case we can provide further information?

Either contact us via email with a Yes or No and any other information on

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