The IAA CS Retrofit Coordinator Service

The IAA CS provide a Retrofit Coordination (RC) Service through our own TrustMark recognised PAS 2035 Retrofit Coordinators and provide Retrofit Assessment if required and Retrofit Coordination through our own in house trained RCs. In addition we have launched The IAA CS TrustMark Certified Retrofit Coordinator Scheme for RCs supporting you to reduce your inherent technical risk by 1. This offers CPD, support with the lodgement process, quality assurance and in the future an opportunity for Members to offer their services to IAA Members.

Click to download the below brochure which provides further details on the service along with contact details should you wish to consider using the service. If you would like to enquiry about our Retrofit Coordinator service please email

Please note early respondents will have preference given the likely increased demand for this service. We will continue to grow this offer and train further RCs.

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The background of Retrofit Coordinator Service

What is a Retrofit Coordinator?
A Retrofit Coordinator is responsible for overseeing domestic retrofit projects, from inception to completion, in order to comply with PAS 2035. This is to support clients and the general public.

What is the difference between a Retrofit Coordinator and a Retrofit Assessor?
A Retrofit Assessor is trained to carry out a retrofit assessment of dwelling in accordance to PAS 2035. This assessment includes a detailed floor plan, a condition report, and an occupancy assessment. The data collected is then used by the Retrofit Coordinator to devise an improvement plan.

What do you, as an Installer, need to do?
Installers who carry out work under PAS 2030:2019 require PAS 2035:2019 location specific design which for both Path A or B and can be provided by a Retrofit Coordinator who must lodge the required Retrofit Project details in the Data Warehouse. Therefore, the Retrofit Coordinator must hold or be working towards a Level 5 NVQ in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management and be Certified by a TrustMark RC Scheme Provider such as The IAA CS.

What does the Retrofit Coordinator Service include?
This service is available to:
All IAA ‘end to end’ Members who are using the IAA CS Independent Surveillance of Assessment (ISA) platform for pre-installation suitability assessments where required. This covers both Path A and Path B Retrofit Projects in conventional buildings, excluding protected and high-rise buildings.
  • Provision of consumer advice on initial engagement and at the required stages of the project
  • Initial and ongoing Risk Assessment
  • Optionally: completion of Property Assessment by a qualified DEA
  • Review of Property Assessment
  • Review of Design
  • Preparation, evaluation and customer agreement of the improvement options
  • Overview of installation including toolbox talks if required
  • Handover
  • Data Warehouse lodgement (excluding scheme dependent lodgement fees charged separately)
  • Basic Monitoring & Evaluation

What are the benefits of The IAA CS Retrofit Coordinator Service?
  • PAS 2035 compliant - Professional IAA CS service minimises risk on non compliant lodgements and non payment
  • Comprehensive - Service can be ‘turnkey’ and include property Assessment
  • Non commitment - Structured as a call off agreement, with no minimum commitment to work volumes
  • Flexible - Can be used as sole compliance route or to provide flex by augmenting in house Coordinator capacity
  • Fully insured - All IAA CS Retrofit Coordinators covered by Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances
  • Streamlined - Seamless integration with ISA and IAA/CIGA Guarantee application where relevant
  • Prompt - Quick turnaround minimises financing of work in progress
  • Reduces your inherent technical risk by 1

If you would like to enquire about our Retrofit service please email

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Case studies

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