Ventilation and Air Tightness Testing Service

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Field-based solution to your background ventilation requirements

The IAA CS have developed a process for background Ventilation and Air Tightness Testing Training which was subject to a number of onsite assessments, technical input by BTS and underwent a rigorous assessment by TrustMark. Training and certification on this process is now available from The IAA, a process which can be applied to pulse and fan test users.
In addition to providing certification and training on the process The IAA CS are offering background ventilation testing as a service.  This service provides a field-based solution for your background ventilation requirements. Conducting pre and post Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) installation air leakage testing to ensure ventilation requirements meet the PAS 2035 standards, whilst TrustMark compliant, and, ensures only that background ventilation which is required is introduced to a property.

Benefits of the service:
  • PAS 2035 compliant
  • Supports your own existing Pulse Testing Engineers with additional workload
  • Testing results are delivered to you within 1 working day
  • Fast clarification of background ventilation requirements
  • Helps with property acquisition and ensures proportional approach to background ventilation
  • Efficient process – supporting your installation schedule, with often pre and post testing conducted on the same day.
  • Available to domestic housing stock including flats, houses and bungalows 

What is included within the pre and post install?

A test must first be carried out on the dwelling as a whole, these results provide insight into the total level of background ventilation across the whole property. As per PAS2035 and dependent on the result, adding more EEM advanced ventilation interventions may be necessary.
Upon completing the installation of the planned EEM works a final background ventilation test is carried out to ensure background air changes go beyond the guidance set out in PAS2035.
In many cases both pre and post testing can take place on the same day for cavity wall, loft or underfloor insulation. For more information about this service email

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Train your own staff

The IAA CS can provide training for your staff to carry out testing to be certified by either iATS soon to be renamed the Elmhurst Air tightness Scheme or the Air Tightness Testing and Measuring Association (ATTMA) and training is being offered to those installers who wish to pursue this route.
This two-day course is knowledge based and practical with a live property assessment. On successful completion you will gain a Level 1 qualification in Air Tightness and Ventilation Testing and will be presented with a certificate allowing you to register with iATS and use the agreed process. Find out more here.


Latest case study

With our first training session underway we share the experience of Union Technical Ltd when they undertook the ventilation and air tightness training, click here to view.