Your Membership Benefits

Members of The IAA automatically receive a variety of benefits including access to Able to Pay guarantees, PAS guarantees, range of commercial services and TrustMark registration whilst reducing their inherent technical risk by an order of 1, as well as:
  • Flexible payment options – you only pay for what you use
  • A quality assurance framework covering Consumer Protection
  • Access to Able to Pay guarantees
  • Technical guidance and certification
  • Competent Persons Scheme
  • Support under a single compliance platform
  • TrustMark registered with The IAA covers all Energy Efficiency Measures, meaning no need to go elsewhere  
Other membership benefits include:
Competitive pricing
As all guarantees (excluding Park Homes), surveillance and ISAs are offered by The IAA as a single provider, this reduces costs for our Members whilst providing the above benefits, staying competitively priced. Comparing our pricing against alternative providers resulted in The IAA consistently cheaper across all measures, download our competitor pricing chart.

Download our membership pack for further information or click on our ‘How to Apply’ webpage.
Commercial Services
All members have access to the following services:
  • Retrofit Coordinator Service – Addressing the whole house design to ensure energy measures needed for individual properties are targeted through a 3-point principle – Recognise, Evaluate and Improve
  • Ventilation & air tightness testing service – A field-based solution to your background ventilation requirements
  • Ventilation & air tightness testing training - Use of the process can avoid the unnecessary install of trickle vents and door undercuts where sufficient existing background ventilation is proven
  • Training - Access to a range of industry specific training including health and safety requirements, customer service and ventilation & air tightness testing. Training offer will be provided which includes blended delivery models via classroom and e-learning
Utilising CIGAs 27 years of industry knowledge and access to key technical resources, The IAA will continue to develop a range of technical guides, Best Practice Guides and installation manuals to assist you with installation, assessment, safety compliance and design across the range of insulation measures.

Only Members of The IAA who adopt the full compliance framework will be able to associate with the brand, giving Members a unique selling point and market opportunity and importantly ensuring you have the resources you need to get the job done ‘Right First Time’.
Industry voice
Proactive in supporting the industry whether through government or industry working groups, The IAA ensure the industry voice is heard, in addition to producing outcomes that are realistic for Members and the wider industry, as well as responding to press in times when industry support is needed as well as debunking misinformed messages to government.
Net Zero 2050
The government have declared a climate crisis and are committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 – domestic dwellings account for 17-19% of carbon emissions, only by tackling the energy efficiency of building fabric as a part of deep retrofit will we deliver Net Zero 2050. As a result, The IAA have created our own net zero pledge and urge you to join the many companies already signed up.

Consumer support and protection
Consumer protection ensures quality installations are carried out and providing assurance through appropriate guarantees as well as effective methods of complaint handling and dispute resolution.
Building on CIGAs TrustMark Scheme Provider status and effective complaint handling processes, Members will be in a strong position to evidence their commitment to outstanding customer service and support. Homeowner advice and guidance packs already exist for all measures.
Your personal portal
Once you are a Member you will receive login details to access your own personal portal. Through this portal you will be able to evidence compliance and development plans to assist in further business improvements whilst providing valuable information for stakeholders and funders on your performance and certification.
This portal also provides you access to your guarantees, ISA service and more.
Those members of The IAA who install Cavity Wall Insulation will also benefit from membership of the Cavity Wall Insulation Self Certification (CWISC) and can have guarantee applications recorded with building control on their behalf in England and Wales. We will shortly be launching a CPS for SWI, flat roof and MCS.
Apply and Become a Member
For information about becoming a member visit our ‘How to apply’ page or down you’re your Membership Pack. Alternatively, complete this quick form and our memberships team will contact you within 48 hours.