Able To Pay (ATP)

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Across the domestic, non-domestic and new build sector

What is ATP?
The IAA recognise the need to provide access to guarantees for consumers who are self-funding works, underwritten by a robust but value for money quality assurance framework. The ATP framework is accessible to IAA end-to-end members with an aim to provide a robust yet proportionate quality framework that protects consumers and ensures IAA member installers remain the very best in class, and importantly encourages mortgage lenders to invest in Energy Efficiency.
The scheme does not require members to hold PAS 2030 or PAS 2035 Certification or to be TrustMark Registered unless installers are carrying out funded work where PAS is mandated. Instead the ATP scheme will require compliance with the IAA ATP Guarantee Quality Assurance Framework Requirements which addresses the core requirements of PAS 2030 but focuses on the key quality assurance elements such as:
  • Competency of installers
  • Use of approved system 
  • Competent design
  • Compliance with building regulations
  • Use of IAA best practice guidance
  • Use of ISA for all lodgements

Available ATP Guarantees
The ATP scheme will provide guarantees for domestic retrofit, new build housing and non-domestic (commercial buildings such as schools and offices) across the following measures and guarantee lengths:
  • CWI - 25 and 10 years
  • IWI - 25 and 10 years
  • EWI - 25 and 10 years
  • Hybrid - 25 and 10 years
  • RIRI - 25 and 10 years
  • UFI - 25 and 10 years
  • Loft - 2 and 6 years
  • Flat Roof - 6 years
All guarantees include a fixed 10 percent surveillance rate meaning consumers can take comfort that 1 in 10 installations will be physically inspected by The IAA to ensure compliance. 
Pricing for each ATP measure for domestic retrofit and new build including surveillance is detailed below:

For example, an ATP guarantee with 10 percent surveillance will be charged at the cost of the guarantee plus the surveillance cost of £17. Please note the fee for surveillance will be applied to the price of the guarantee at the time of application. ISAs will still be costed separately at the point of pre-assessment however we will review options to streamline this in the future.
Commercial ATP guarantee pricing is available from The IAA upon request.

Already a member of The IAA?
For those who are already members of The IAA please contact our membership team ( to simply sign up to the ATP scheme rules, you will not have any further cost or audit. The ATP platform will permit those registered with the scheme to apply for an ATP guarantee by selecting a new ATP option on The IAA guarantee generator.
For those installers who are CWISC registered with The IAA, ATP CWI work will also be notified to building control by The IAA and in the future we will look to extend this to all SWI works and Flat Roofing.

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