PAS & ATP Guarantees

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PAS Guarantees

PAS 2030:19 specifically highlights and supports the development of skills and the use of Retrofit PAS 2035.
1) Skills - PAS 2030:19 in particular focuses on developing skills in the form of vocational qualifications such as the NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 in Insulation and Building Treatments. The emphasis on skills is to ensure all parties involved with the installation of the energy efficient measures abide by a higher standard and have the right level of competencies to carry out specific installations.
2) Retrofit PAS 2035 - The PAS 2030:19 standard requires a range of Retrofit roles which all must be involved in each installation, this includes Retrofit Assessor, Retrofit Coordinator, Retrofit Designer, Retrofit Installer.

It is essential when considering compliance with the PAS 2030:19 and PAS 2035:19 standards that registered installers have a clear strategy for how they will deliver the functionality and competence required for each role under the new standard. The range of PAS compliant guarantee are available for both domestic retrofit and new build housing for the following measures:
  • CWI - 25 years
  • IWI - 25 years
  • EWI - 25 years
  • Hybrid - 25 years
  • RIRI - 25 years
  • UFI - 25 years
  • Flat Roof - 6 years
  • Loft - 2 years 

Able To Pay (ATP) Guarantees
The IAA recognise the need to provide access to guarantees for consumers who are self-funding works, underwritten by a robust but value for money quality assurance framework. The ATP framework is accessible to IAA end-to-end members with an aim to provide a robust yet proportionate quality framework that protects consumers and ensures IAA Member Installers remain the very best in class, and importantly encourages mortgage lenders to invest in Energy Efficiency.
The scheme does not require members to hold PAS 2030 or PAS 2035 Certification or to be TrustMark Registered unless installers are carrying out funded work where PAS is mandated. Instead, the ATP scheme will require compliance with the IAA ATP Guarantee Quality Assurance Framework Requirements which addresses the core requirements of PAS 2030 but focuses on the key quality assurance elements. The range of ATP guarantee are available for domestic retrofit, new build housing and commercial building for the following measures:
  • CWI - 25 and 10 years
  • IWI - 25 and 10 years
  • EWI - 25 and 10 years
  • Hybrid - 25 and 10 years
  • RIRI - 25 and 10 years
  • UFI - 25 and 10 years
  • Flat Roof - 6 years
  • Loft - 2 and 6 years 
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