Energycare Group Ltd

Established in 2005 Energycare Group Ltd are members of The IAA and have been with CIGA for over 15 years. They work throughout the southeast and have supported thousands of homeowners by installing energy efficient improvements to help tackle the climate crisis.
Working with the ‘Big 6’ energy companies and as advocates of Government grants, Energycare demonstrate their core mission daily, helping all customers to reduce their carbon emissions and fuel bills.
As Cavity Wall Insulation installers, they install energy saving improvements in up to 200 homes every day and as members of The IAA and CIGA provide homeowners with peace of mind knowing they are backed by a robust guarantee.

How has The IAA supported you to gain more business?
“The IAA and CIGA have reassured our customers by the service they offer and over the years have been key to support our working relationships with our customers.” -  Keely Machin

What are the 3 main benefits of being an IAA member?
“There are many benefits to our membership, but the three key benefits are:
  • Their support
  • Their knowledge
  • Their quick turnaround times.”

How did you find your onboarding experience?
“Even though we onboarded many years ago with CIGA, we found The IAA to be a breath of fresh air, with a mix of their experience and knowledge of the industry this enables a swift turnaround of our IAA CWI measure.”

How is your company working towards Net Zero 2050?
“We believe every company needs to play their part to support the net zero 2050 target and we are currently investing in to zero carbon technologies. For example, these include different types of vehicles in addition to machinery, these machines will reduce waste from the get-go.” | 01234 381007

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